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About us
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After middle age, the metabolic capacity gradually declines, and improving the metabolic capacity and level is a necessary guarantee for health. This is how the earth uses microbial technology to promote the metabolism of the earth and improve its ability to recycle resources. This is the vision of Shanghai Dodo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. We establish an environmental microbial strain library, and use this as a basis to screen out safe and reliable strains to form metabolic waste gas pollutants, wastewater pollutants, solid waste degradation and drying, organic waste compost utilization, soil remediation technologies and products , Combined with related equipment and environmental engineering methods, to achieve the market application of the degradation, drying and utilization of waste gas, wastewater and solid waste in the process of urban domestic garbage disposal.

With the rapid development of modern industry, a large number of toxic and harmful organic pollutants (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, petroleum pollutants, sulfur compounds, etc.) are discharged into the soil, water, air and other environments. Microorganisms are natural decomposers formed after a long evolutionary process. As the engine of the earth's material cycle, they have important application potential in the bioremediation of refractory environmental organic pollutants. Microbial remediation has the advantages of cleanliness, high efficiency, and no secondary pollution, and is an ideal method for environmental pollutant treatment. Based on the previous basic theoretical research results, for the treatment of odorous gases containing nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen pollutants, a series of microbial detoxified deodorant fungicide products were developed through the reconstruction of the microflora, incubating a national high-tech enterprise. In the past 3 years, the products have been promoted to the treatment of odor in 16 provinces, 43 prefecture-level cities, more than 200 waste transfer stations, landfills and incineration plants in the country, which have produced good environmental and social benefits. Daily newspapers and other media have widely reported to fill the gaps in the field of remediation bacteria in China, and provide strong technical support for environmental protection and remediation, pollution prevention, and resource recycling.

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