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Shanghai Minhang Pujin Waste Transfer Station

Project Overview:

Shanghai Minhang Pujin Street Domestic Waste Transfer Station was completed and put into operation in July 2018. The transfer station covers an area of 8561.9 square meters and is designed to handle 160 tons of dry garbage, 30 tons of wet garbage, 60 tons of gross garbage, and 60 tons of green garbage. This domestic garbage transfer station created by Pujin Street is the first garden-type domestic garbage transfer station in Minhang District, which embodies the concept of green living, ecological environment protection. Our company has undertaken the overall odor control service for this project.


During the garbage disposal, the sterilization spray installed on the top of the plant will also work at the same time, and the masters on the ground are constantly flushing and cleaning. The whole process of garbage disposal can hardly smell.

In order to ensure that the transfer station does not affect the surrounding environment, 4 water mist cannons are set up in each garbage discharge berth, sprayed at the four corners of the berth to the middle, sprayed every 2 minutes for 1 minute, to prevent the spread of odorous gas and The role of local dust reduction.

Planting and greening around the factory area is about 3,000 square meters. From a distance, it looks like a country park. When the weather is good, the surrounding people will also take a walk around the transfer station, Dao Duo pollution control detoxification microbial agents completely solve the problem of odor and disturbing the people.