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Sales Representative  

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for developing new customer resources and providing quality services to customers;

2. Carry out the sales and promotion of the company's products according to the needs of customers, assist in promoting customers and reach cooperation;

3. Responsible for expanding sales channels, developing new customers and maintaining customer relationships;

4. Conduct customer analysis, establish good customer relationships, and tap potential customers;

5. Conduct market analysis and analyze the latest products, trends, and customer needs in the industry;

6. Dynamically grasp the market price and regularly provide market analysis and forecast reports to the company;

7. Summarize and report the sales situation in time to complete the sales target issued by the company.

job requirements:

1. Undergraduate enrollment;

2. Good language expression ability, communication and coordination ability, good at discovering customer needs and grasping customer psychology;

3. Have a certain understanding of the environmental protection industry and can independently complete pre-sales explanation and communication;

4. Possess good sales ability, able to complete product sales and payment with the support of the company;

5. Careful, rigorous and responsible work, with good professional ethics, organization concept and team spirit;

6. Can bear hardships and bear hardships, adapt to business trips.


1. Basic salary + performance bonus (project commission);

2. Five insurances and one gold;

3. Paid annual leave;

4. Flexible working system and flat management.