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Chairman Xi Jinping gives important instructions for garbage classification

Cultivate good habits of garbage classification

Make efforts to improve the living environment

Contribute to green development and sustainable development

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, has recently made important instructions for garbage classification. Xi Jinping emphasized that the implementation of garbage classification has a bearing on the living environment of the broad masses of the people and on saving resources, and is also an important manifestation of the level of social civilization.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the key to implementing garbage classification is to strengthen scientific management, form a long-term mechanism, and promote the formation of habits. It is necessary to strengthen guidance, adapt to local conditions, and continue to advance, do the work carefully and practically, and persevere. To carry out extensive education and guidance work, let the broad masses of people realize the importance and necessity of implementing garbage classification, through effective supervision and guidance, let more people take action, cultivate good habits of garbage classification, and everyone in the society will start, Work together to improve the living environment and work together to contribute to green development and sustainable development.

Xi Jinping is very concerned about garbage classification. In December 2016, he chaired a meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Leadership Group to study the general implementation of the garbage classification system, emphasizing the need to speed up the establishment of a garbage disposal system for sorting, sorting collection, sorting transportation, and sorting treatment, forming a rule-based, government-driven, national Participate in the urban-rural coordinated and localized garbage classification system, and strive to increase the coverage of the garbage classification system. Xi Jinping has also been on the ground several times to understand the situation of garbage classification at the grassroots level, and has made clear requirements for this work.

In recent years, my country has accelerated the implementation of the garbage classification system. The national garbage classification work has been started from point to face, gradually started, and the results have shown initial results. The 46 key cities have made first trials first, and positive progress has been made in promoting waste classification. Starting in 2019, cities at prefecture-level and above will start the classification of domestic waste in a comprehensive manner. By the end of 2020, 46 key cities will basically complete a waste classification and processing system. By the end of 2025, cities at and above the national level will basically complete a waste classification and processing system.