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Biological Turntable

Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) is a kind of biological membrane wastewater treatment technology. It was developed by the original federal Germany in the 1960s and was developed on the basis of biological filters. It is also known as immersed biological filters.

The process has the advantages of flexible system design, convenient installation, simple operation, reliable system, low operation and operating costs; it does not require aeration or sludge return, saves energy, and simultaneously degrades anaerobic and oxygen consumption. Short contact time can get higher purification effect.

Biological rotating disc is a biological treatment structure composed of a water tank and a rotating disc body partially immersed in sewage, mainly including a rotating disc (disc body), a contact reaction tank, a rotating shaft and a driving device, etc., and can also be installed above the oxidation tank if necessary The protective cover plays the role of sheltering from the wind, rain and heat.

Biological turntable purification process

The biological turntable replaces the fixed filter material with a rotating disk. During operation, the turntable is immersed or partially immersed in the contact reaction tank filled with sewage, driven by the driving device. The rotating shaft drives the turntable to rotate continuously at a certain linear speed. The turntable is in contact with sewage and air alternately. After a period of rotation, a layer of biofilm will adhere to the disk. When transferred into the sewage, the biofilm adsorbs the organic pollutants in the sewage, and absorbs the dissolved oxygen in the outer water film of the biofilm to decompose the organic matter, and the microorganisms can reproduce themselves in this process; when the turntable is turned out of the reaction tank In contact with air, the air continuously dissolves into the water film, increasing its dissolved oxygen. In this process, in addition to the transfer of organic matter (BOD, COD) and O2 between the biofilm attached to the turntable and sewage and air. There are other substances, such as the transfer of CO2, NH3, etc., forming a continuous process of adsorption, oxidative decomposition, and oxygen absorption, so that the sewage is continuously purified.