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Ultra High Temperature Composting Agent

Contains medium and high temperature flora, more than 20 kinds of microbial flora:

Medium temperature flora (30-50℃): yeasts, spores, actinomycetes, etc.;

High-temperature flora (50-90℃): Bacillus, thermophilic bacteria, etc.;

Product Overview:

【Effective Viable Bacteria】1.0×109cfu/mL

[PH value] 5.0-7.0

【Form color】 liquid, no irritating smell, brownish yellow

Product Features:

Tailor-made: for different composting raw materials, compound targeted bacteria group, high efficiency.

Biological safety: Choose microbial strains with high safety, environmentally friendly, and no secondary pollution.


1. High temperature, quick effect and short fermentation cycle: the temperature of the pile can be quickly raised, and the fermentation can be quickly and fully fermented, which can be fully cooked in about 15 days.

2. Bacteriostasis and extermination: Through continuous high temperature and microbial balance, harmful organisms such as harmful bacteria, insects, eggs, grass seeds and other crops in the pile are quickly and completely killed, and pathogenic bacteria are prevented from breeding again.

3. Deodorization: It can decompose malodorous gas and inhibit the growth of spoilage microorganisms.

4. Low cost and good effect: simple equipment, less land occupation, wide range of raw material sources, a large amount of soil probiotic flora will be produced after composting is completed, improve the soil and enhance plant resistance.


The general usage is: fungus agent: compost raw material = 1:500-1:2000

According to different raw materials for composting, it is necessary to debug and formulate the method of use.