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Leachate Degrading Bacteria

Ingredients: Bacillus, Yeast, Pseudomonas, Photosynthetic Bacteria, etc.

Features: The Bacteria have strong reproductive ability and can adapt to extreme environments such as high pH, high osmotic pressure, high temperature, low temperature and high salinity.

(1) It has a strong ability to decompose organic matter (especially Nitrogen and Phosphorus).

(2) Vigor is strong in the range of dissolved Oxygen (0.05-1.5 mg/L).

(3) The dormant body is formed without nutrition and Oxygen deficiency.

(4) Ability to decompose odors (Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene Rings, etc.).

(5) The membrane can be quickly and efficiently formed with the carrier, and the hanging membrane can be completed within 1-3 weeks.