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Dao Multi-Microbial Deodorant

1. Product Overview

The Multi-Microbial Deodorant contains a variety of microbial ingredients, which can be used for oxidative deodorization and purification of malodorous gases such as ammonia, amine, aromatic sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, fatty amine, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptan. The generated acids and enzymes will also neutralize the odor molecules, effectively reducing the odor concentration of air and sewage. The product can also degrade and remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in garbage, such as hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, benzene series organic chlorides, and petroleum hydrocarbon compounds. The microorganisms used can grow with these pollutants as the sole carbon source. Completely mineralized into carbon dioxide and water, harmless emissions, no secondary pollution.

2. Product function

1) Through the harmless degradation of toxic and harmful gases in the air environment, solve the working environment and the safety of employees.

2) Through the metabolic mineralization and degradation of odor gas, the problem of odor pollution and disturbing the people is solved.

3. Technical parameters


Brownish yellow liquid

Viable count

1.0*109cfu/ml to 1.0*1012cfu/ml

pH value


Ammonia removal rate


Hydrogen sulfide removal rate


Sulfur dioxide removal rate


Comprehensive deodorization rate of 133 kinds of odor source molecules in garbage


Comprehensive degradation rate of 122 VOC molecules


4. Product Features

1) Deodorization is fast, the effect is outstanding, and the odor can be noticeably removed in 30 seconds.

2) Low maintenance cost. Treat both the symptoms and the root cause, without land acquisition and building factories or purchasing huge equipment. The comprehensive treatment cost and dynamic investment cost are low, the effective treatment effect is remarkable, and the management and maintenance are convenient.

3) Only atomize the contaminated area and harmlessly degrade it into carbon dioxide and water at the source. The odor is effectively controlled before volatilization, which can effectively control odor pollution and has no impact on the operation.

4) Long duration. The effective time of the fixed sample is 48 hours, and the dynamic environment is more than 30 minutes.

5) Completely harmless. The deodorant itself is non-toxic and harmless, and has the safety certification of an authoritative testing agency. The mammals, fishes, algae, etc. have been thoroughly tested without any toxic and side effects, and will not cause any pollution to the environment.

6) Solve the odor pollution from the source, and also fully decompose the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) volatilized from the garbage to ensure the safety of the air environment and solve the odor air pollution

5. Matters that needing attention

1. Store in a sealed place away from light and shade. Do not expose to sunlight.

2. If there is a small amount of white bacterial film or light yellow precipitate on the surface of the liquid, it can be used after shaking.

3. With the increase of the amount of garbage and sewage, deodorant should be added continuously and sprayed as evenly as possible, do not directly pour over.

4. Deodorant can be used in combination with certain chemical preparations, but it cannot be used simultaneously with bactericides, and this product should not be heated.

5. Deodorization modes and methods need to be adjusted appropriately depending on the climate,waste collection method, and season. Therefore, on-site planning and design should be carried out before treatment to ensure satisfactory results.

6. Product shelf life

12 months.

7. Product Transportation

The deodorant has no explosion risk and is not a flammable dangerous product;

No danger of oxidant, it is not a corrosive or toxic product; it is not a toxic product. Non-dangerous goods, suitable for routine transportation, handle with care to avoid packaging damage.

8. Packaging

25 kg/barrel