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Interview with No. 0 Bay Star Project Series-Shanghai Daduo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Since the implementation of strict garbage classification measures in July, Shanghai residents need to keep in mind the five classification methods of a crayfish, and they must regularly dump garbage every day. Under the high temperature of summer, garbage can not be poured into the garbage classification point. It will emit a pungent odor the next day. In addition, as the temperature in summer rises, the smell of the garbage collection station will always make people feel "bitter". Pedestrians can still detour. What should the residents do nearby? The Jiaotong University professor who is committed to environmental protection in this interview, "armed" the microorganisms as "nature's cleaners". The company's research and development of fungicide spray products, just a light spray, can make garbage recycling station The odor and poisonous gas have all disappeared. How amazing are these microorganisms?

      In this interview, Tang Hongzhi, the founder of Shanghai Dodo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was invited as an interview guest to tell us about his entrepreneurial history and the garbage deodorant and detoxification agent explored and developed by his team.


Tang Hongzhi, Ph.D. in Microbiology, Shandong University, Professor of School of Life Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor of State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, National Outstanding Youth Fund, Shanghai Shuguang, Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star. He served as Secretary of the Chinese Microbiology Society-Environmental Microbiology Professional Committee, Chinese Microbiology Society-General Microbiology Professional Committee, and founder of Shanghai Dao Duo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

       Shanghai Dao Duo Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is currently located in Bay No. 0 Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration Zone. The company focuses on the research and development of microbial metabolism and develops toxic and harmful gases, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and malodorous gases produced by the comprehensive treatment of landfill leachate. The product. This series of products are widely used in the treatment of odor and pollution in domestic waste transfer stations and landfills.

       The chief scientist of the project is a professor at the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and is also a young science and technology star in Shanghai, a Shanghai optical scientist, and a member/secretary of the National Environmental Microbiology Professional Committee. The project technical consultant Professor Xu Ping was selected for the National Inventors Academy of Sciences, Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, Academy of Microbiology Fellows, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. image003.jpg

Dao Duo pollution control detoxification microorganism deodorant

After the brief self-introduction, the environmental guard who used microorganisms to solve big problems shared his own entrepreneurial experience.

       In 2012, Tang Hongzhi came to the MIT Media Lab, a veritable birthplace of miracles in the United States, where he was inspired by both. Tang Hongzhi said that top interdisciplinary researchers from all over the world gathered in the media laboratory, and talents in various fields gathered here to discuss innovation-related issues. Compared with other first-class laboratories, the MIT media laboratory pays more attention to media attributes and each. A deep integration of hard science. Speaking of which, Tang Hongzhi told us the experience of his mentor Professor Zhang Shuguang at MIT. When he first arrived at MIT, his mentor, Professor Zhang Shuguang, a member of the National Academy of Inventions and a member of the American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, just made the research results of his short peptide protein into a hemostatic agent with great application value, and has successfully listed . Under the influence of his tutor, Tang Hongzhi turned his research direction to membrane proteins, explored and researched to turn membrane proteins into water-soluble, improved the application value of research results, and transformed the results of basic scientific research and technical science. Tang Hongzhi said that in the year of MIT, the most important thing is not to produce results, but more to feel the interdisciplinary, relaxed and inclusive cultural atmosphere, to learn the research and thinking methods of top researchers, especially the mentality of doing research. . Talking about the establishment of the company, Tang Hongzhi said that in 2014, it coincided with the entrepreneurial trend of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and the government paid special attention to the field of environmental governance, so combined with the majors he studied, he conducted a series of preliminary research and research in the field of environmental governance. After screening, it was decided to create a company focused on dealing with the problem of garbage odor and organic matter degradation.

       Talking about the advantages of Dodo over its peers, Tang Hongzhi proudly said that Dodo has mature microbial metabolism technology. Currently, the imported fungicide products have a certain mitigating effect on odor, but they have almost no effect on the degradation of pollutants. And expensive. Dao completely solves the problem of garbage odor and pollution treatment through the interaction between microorganisms and metabolic degradation. Tang Hongzhi told us that organic pollutants in the environment, such as indole and benzene series, are usually more difficult to degrade, and microorganisms are the "engine" of the earth's material cycle, and the microbial flora is nature's "environmental guardian" "And "cleaners", it can degrade most organic pollutants. However, it is not simple to use microbial metabolism to solve environmental pollution. For example, different toxic substances in the garbage recycling station require different microorganisms to degrade. For this reason, the screening of reconstructed microorganisms and the reconstruction of microbial flora are very important. Go to countless sites to sample and repeat screening, this process often takes 2-5 years. "There are hundreds of pollutants that cause odors in the dump. It is not a microorganism that can effectively remove these pollutants. It is necessary to build a flora to degrade pollutants of different components together," said Tang Hongzhi. We will continue to focus on environmental protection related fields, occupy the garbage odor treatment market at the fastest rate, and gradually explore markets such as soil remediation and advanced sewage treatment.

       Referring to the choice of incubator in the early stage of project development, Tang Hongzhi proposed two reasons for choosing No. 0 Bay. First, he is a professor at the School of Life Science and Technology of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has a certain “gene” of Jiaotong University, and there are a large number of excellent talents at Jiaotong University. Second, Bay Zero provides its team with excellent entrepreneurial platforms and professional incubation services. On the one hand, it solves the problem of start-up companies' site requirements, and the service team will regularly and timely push a lot of news about government policies and give full play to it. The professional business level interprets various laws and tax policies. Superimpose the good science and technology atmosphere of No. 0 Bay. In summary, Zero Bay is an excellent platform conducive to its entrepreneurship.

       During the development of Dodo, Zero Bay took advantage of its own agglomeration to provide and connect various high-quality resources in terms of brand output and office space to help the company's development.

       In terms of brand output, Zero No. Bay, through its strong alliance with CCTV's financial channel "Entrepreneurship Heroes", helped companies break through the barriers, and helped the project land on CCTV Entrepreneurship Heroes to promote its brand and enhance its brand value.


In addition, the "neoShow Week" global roadshow week event allows companies to face major investors and the world's top 500 powerful companies.


Dr. Weiwei Wang, Technical Director of Shanghai Dodo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., participated in the "neoShow Week" entrepreneurial hero sharing session